Saturday, February 28, 2009

Red Applesauce?

Like I mentioned before I've been working very hard to get my reds in everyday. And I feel it when I don't. Today I woke up early-ate a normal breakfast of eggs and cheese in a whole wheat tortilla and had my usual bit of fruit on the side. After my trip to the farmer's market, couple loads of laundry and a little work I decided its now or never for my reds. I looked in the fridge and then the cupboard and found applesauce!!!

So-I thought why not add the Miracle Reds to my applesauce. So I did and it was Berry delicious. I recommend it to anyone!! also seems like a perfect way to get kids to try it too!

1 comment:

  1. "Berry Delicious", Nice! I tried this out and could not believe applesauce could taste so great and be so healthy at the same time. Post if you come up with any new tasty mixtures.