Monday, May 4, 2009

Look at this blog I found about Macro Greens and Miracle Reds on:

My new Vitamin Drink for the Day!

I was a little wary about trying the Macro Greens Superfood supplement even moreso than the Miracle Reds- Any time I have tried green drinks containing spirulina, barley, etc- they have been hard for me to even get down. That's why I was SO shocked that I really liked the Macro Greens- I juiced some apples (my Mom had given me a bag) and added 1 tbsp. to 1/2 glass apple juice, 1/2 glass water- my sister loved it too and surprisingly so did Reggie! He never likes to drink green drinks, so this is definitely going to be our new daily vitamin drink. I also was exhausted (from our 3 a.m. night before) and was going to have some coffee, but decided to try some of this instead- I could tell that this gave me a huge boost of energy!
It can also be added to smoothies or protein shake for a more filling meal. _________________________
A nutritional supplement that tastes great and is easy to prepare, Macro Greens™ was created in 1996 by fitness expert Sylvia Ortiz to help her son lose weight and since its introduction has become one of the most popular products in the rapidly growing nutritional supplements market.
He was depressed and on the road to health problems and Sylvia had been obese so she knew what he was experiencing. So for her son and herself, and so many others like them, she created Macro Greens™ . Astonishingly tasty when mixed with water or any non-citrus juice, Macro Greens™ is completely nutritious, builds health and cleanses the system. With Macro Greens™ , Sylvia’s son lost more than 65 lbs while lowering his body fat from 30 to 12 percent. Now he is a healthy young man with a new, positive self- image! With Macro Greens™ , Sylvia lost nearly 50 lbs. too. For these and other Miracle Reds® and Macro Greens™ success stories, click here.
Great Benefits of Macro Greens:
Promotes Wellness
Boost Energy & Metabolism (I definitely need that!)
Strengthen Immune System
Detox and Cleanse Gently
Improve Digestion
Calm Food Cravings (another reason why I need this)
Lose Weight Naturally (Maybe this will help with those 10 lbs I want to lose!)
Stimulant-Free Energy
RAW SUPPLEMENT for all the raw foodists out there! I love eating mostly raw, so this was awesome news for me!
Now the Miracle Reds Anti-oxidant Superfood Supplement was so yummy- I did add agave because I like my drinks with a sweet taste- this drink tasted alot like a fruit juice- I really loved it!
Great Benefits of Miracle Reds Food Supplement:
Super Anti-Aging Antioxidants (Definitely want this!)
Promotes Wellness
Boost Energy & Metabolism
Calms Food Cravings & Lose Weight naturally
Stimulant- Free & Gluten Free
Heart Healthy Plant Sterols and 1-3 Oat Beta Gluten
Strengthen Immune System
Fresh Berry Taste
Packed with Raw Food Power!
Now, onto the Macro Greens & Miracle Reds Raw food Bars- first of all, I LOVE the fact that these are all raw also! I am really trying to stick to my all raw diet- usually about 85% raw- so this really fits into my diet! I absolutely loved all three bars and needless to say, I did NOT share these! lol My favorite had to be the Chocolate and Cinnamon Bar- yummy yum! All of the bars were gone within 5 days or less HA! The other great things about these bars besides being Raw, Vegan and yummy is that they are low glycemic, no wheat, gluten free, no preservatives, gmos, artificial colors, soy or corn. The Fresh Berri-Berri has 4 grams of fiber while the Chocolate & Cinnamon and Apple Lemon Ginger both have 6 grams of fiber- all of the bars are loaded with calcium and vitamin A.
Honestly, I would buy all of Macro Life Naturals products in the future - I have NOTHING bad to say about any of their products-if you want to start getting that green drink and antioxidants and raw nutrients into your diet, I would definitely recommend these products! So, go check them out at .
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reds-yet another way

I'm working on getting more protein into my diet-so I thought if I could combine my reds with protein it would be just perfect. The other day I tried

1 serving non fat greek yogurt

1/4 c applesauce

1 scoop reds.

It was tastey-almost like a smoothie!

Friday, March 20, 2009

A new way to try Miracle Reds

This week I was traveling, but made sure to bring my Miracle Reds with me. Though I didn't have my usual apple juice and water bottle to shake and go with. I stopped into a store and picked up some cottage cheese. I'd been a little short on protein the whole trip and thought-why not just add the reds to my cottage cheese. It was pretty good. A little sweet, but that had to do with the ratio of reds to cottage cheese. I ate two servings of cottage cheese so I could get 30g of protein, but ate half of it without the reds, then added a scoop to the cottage cheese. This was in case I didn't like it, wanted to get a little protein before hand.
I was talking to my friend Karen and she said maybe try adding the reds to Ricotta cheese-just a bit smoother? Then I thought you could mix reds and ricotta, get some lady fingers or pastry tart, spread the mixture in and top with fresh blue berries, strawberries and raspberries-any fruit you want really. This would make a nice fruit layered desert-healthy too! Sounds good to me! let me know if you guys have any other thoughts.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Red Applesauce?

Like I mentioned before I've been working very hard to get my reds in everyday. And I feel it when I don't. Today I woke up early-ate a normal breakfast of eggs and cheese in a whole wheat tortilla and had my usual bit of fruit on the side. After my trip to the farmer's market, couple loads of laundry and a little work I decided its now or never for my reds. I looked in the fridge and then the cupboard and found applesauce!!!

So-I thought why not add the Miracle Reds to my applesauce. So I did and it was Berry delicious. I recommend it to anyone!! also seems like a perfect way to get kids to try it too!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


So, as some of you may know I am training for the marathon.

This weekend was my short 9-miler recovery run. I hadn't trained in 3 weeks and was really nervous. I did not get tired at all and the only thing that bothered me was my ankles. I didn't even run out of energy. It was a miracle! I thought what was so different about this past week and I realized it was my greens and reds! I not only hydrated myself more than ever this week but got so many servings of fruits and veggies!

I will for sure continue taking them now that I can truly see the effects! AWESOME!!!!

In the Red

ok-I have finished my canister of Greens and now I am onto Reds. Yes, they do taste good. Much fruitier than the greens. I did the same mix of water and apple juice, but they do tend to be very gritty at the bottom :(

I think tomorrow-or tonight I will sprinkle the reds on my cottage cheese. Instant fruity cottage cheese! sounds fun to me.