Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is it that simple?

OK-I'll be honest here. I haven't taken my greens for a few days. And I have felt so tired, lethargic and just plain unproductive. I spoke to Karen on the phone and she says's "are you taking your green?" I thought to myself-well actually I haven't been. It's not that I don't like the taste, I have to say it's the process of making them then drinking them. I would much rather eat a solid substance, rather thank drink something. I'm like that with getting my calories in-not that I have a problem getting enough calories in, but I would much rather have to chew something than drink it.

So-before I head out today I will make my greens and get back on it.
This is just showing me that they really do work! good job greens!!!


  1. eat a bar!
    the berry bars are my favorite.
    i've been eating the bars for a while now.
    i've tried all three and like all the flavors... i won't get tired of eating em! they have improved the apple lemon ginger bars significantly... they had seeds and stalks in them before. The best part of the flavor for me, is that it doesn't taste overly sweet or artificially flavored.